[tor-reports] Andrew's March 2014

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Thu Apr 10 01:53:41 UTC 2014

# Andrew's March 2014

# Highlights

 - Talked to a number of press orgs such as BBC, Wall Street Journal,
 a Swedish press org, CBS, TechCrunch, CNN, and others.

 - Traveled to Egypt, met with a number of people who provided valuable
 feedback on Tor

 - Helped the MIT codesign class make progress on our projects

 - Presented on technology, domestic violence, tor, and surveillance
 for 90 minutes.

 - Talked to a number of State Police, FBI, and local police officers
 about Tor through various phone calls and meetings.

 - A member of the Iceland national police emailed me to say he met
 the rest of the Tor team, and thanks for the refresher on Tor two
 years later.

 - made more progress on three proposals due in April

 - communicated our thanks for the donor of torproject.fr domain name

 - Rolled out new policies and contracts to comply with our upstream
 funding contracts

 - Presented an overview of Tor Project to the Boston Network Users Group
 (BNUG) and Microsoft

 - Talked to two engineering companies about building a Tor router
 in hardware

# Details from https://gs.torproject.org/person/phobos

 - finished conf call about promotion
 - finished conf call about proposal
 - talked to turkish intelligence about censorship and tor
 - finished review of IRS bitcoin guidance and how it affects tor with auditors
 - more progress on proposal docs
 - mailed 4 safeplug demos out to researchers 
 - mailed a pile of expense checks 
 - discussed IRS bitcoin guidance with accounting
 - completed a few hours of administrivia
 - send out 12 t-shirts to relay operators
 - talked to press org about positive uses of tor for documentary
 - finalized contracts and policies 
 - 1 on 1 with employee done 
 - discussed https://torrentfreak.com/ip-address-not-person-140324/ with a reporter 
 - finished, final, final, no really this time final, report for sponsor L 
 - updated sponsorH contract 
 - responded to 2 more press requests about tor 
 - investigated requirements for torproject.fr hosting/ownership 
 - updated rude and sergii with new tor versions 
 - talked to british press org about tor and the underworld 
 - finally, published interview at http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/23/when-startups-and-revolutions-collide/ 
 - publish new mirror status 
 - added more mirrors to the list 
 - respond to two more press requests about tor, hidden services, point-click-publish plans 
 - presented on dynamics of abuse and technology for MIT, https://surveillance.hackpad.com/Transition-House-Tor-Project-Presentation-SoQhbV40UKi 
 - answered another reporter about fake tor on iOS 
 - upgraded bwauth 
 - finished conf call with sponsorF 
 - answered a Swedish reporter about hardware devices, Tor, and protecting privacy for consumers 
 - attended screening of "A Moment in Her Story", http://catherinerussodocumentaries.com/ 
 - attended EADV Winter member meeting, http://employersagainstdomesticviolence.org/ 
 - answered a reporter about fake Tor browsers in the apple app store 
 - talked to a reporter about https://medium.com/p/f5ab81f9f654 
 - presented for 90 minute son domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, and tor 
 - met with MIT class 
 - met with NEU people 
 - met about summer dev meeting and hotel challenges 
 - helped arrange Microsoft grant to PETS 2014 
 - getting setup for defender's days 
 - getting setup for f.ounders conference 
 - helped cyberstaking victim 
 - met with FBI 
 - talked to police in wisconsin about tor 
 - renewed domain name, updated contact info across all our domain names 
 - added 4 new people to svn, purged old accounts which haven't logged in for over a year 
 - reverse engineered our svn setup again 
 - paid out some reimbursements for tor dev meeting 
 - revieved sponsorL final deliverables 
 - reviewed sponsorF audit docs, suggested corrections 
 - slogging through 1834 emails from the past few days when i was in egypt 
 - answered 10 relay donations emails 
 - poked accounting about contract status 
 - extended a contract to allow us to close it out and gain the last 10% of the funding 6 months after it formally ended 
 - reviewed health plan options 
 - wrote up trip report 
 - met with MIT class, defined projects, planned 1.5h talk tomorrow 
 - lemmonii is now reachable 
 - possibly fixed office internet connection 
 - returned from egypt trip 
 - talked to CBS in LA about Tor at a very high level 
 - reviewed projects of MIT students 
 - added mailing address to website 
 - worked on proposal for domestic violence and technology 
 - met with high school to talk about technology and privacy and bullying 
 - met with european funder to discuss an approach 
 - approve the real 12 comments on the blog 
 - purge another 1,958 spam comments from the blog. 
 - purged 1,458 spam comments from blog moderation queue. sql ftw 
 - corrected paypal 1099-K reporting so it's for Tor and not me as an individual 
 - dead disk in archive system 
 - responded to press request about bitcoin, satoshi, and doxing 
 - responded to a state police detective investigating the use of tor in a crime 
 - started renegotiating the sponsorH timelines and contract with sponsorH 
 - drafted and sent sponsorF report on emergency request by sponsorF 
 - answered 28 pgp encrypted emails 
 - updated bwauth 
 - spend 2h hacking on blog with no forward progress 
 - determined current blog is dying quickly 
 - bills processed and mailed 
 - responded to press about tor financials because this reporter heard a rumor on cryptome we were funded by the USG 
 - worked out payment issues with hetzner 
 - started collecting docs for sponsorF audit 
 - caught up on accounting with melissa and sue 
 - met with local lobbying group to discuss privacy and technology 
 - and another few thousand blog comments purged 
 - purged thousands of spam comments on the blog, sql ftw 
 - talked to disconnect.me about donation 
 - talked to suicide survivor org about tor and handling trolls 
 - talked to a very confused journalist from northern europe about tor, bitcoins, iceland, and auroracoins 
 - talked to CNN briefly, they clearly didn't really want to talk to us about the deep web 
 - processed 250 blog comments, mostly spam 
 - at MIT codesign class 
 - accepted donation from disconnect.me 
 - sent february monthly report 
 - gave out tshirts to a bunch of relay operators thanks to tor weather emails 
 - responded to press about the new, new, new silk road and hidden services 
 - gnutls updates applied to hosts 
 - bnug presentation done to around 24 people 
 - added 2 new mirrors, rejected 1 
 - watsoni.torproject.org is being icmp flooded 
 - send out updated docs to relevant people 
 - reviewed updated documents wiht lawyers 
 - hopefully talked botner herder out of using infected clients as tor bofs bridges 
 - met with my MIT team 
 - responded to norwegian press about censorship in turkey 
 - security updates applied to relevant hosts 
 - updated mirrors 
 - talked to an agency about gang stalking with technology

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