[tor-reports] Kelley's July / August 2013 Report

Kelley Misata kelley at torproject.org
Thu Sep 5 02:35:42 UTC 2013

The last two months of summer completely flew by - here are highlights from
the world of Tor marketing, communications and outreach for July and

   1. Summer Dev Meeting - DONE! - great seeing all of you.  Also completed
   was the summary report and thank you to OpenITP.
   2. Proposals In Process and Follow-Up:
   1. Journalist Training / Education - Knight Foundation - conducted
      politely persistent follow-up on the proposal submitted in June
for ongoing
      journalist training and educational development.
      2. Communications Proposal - Ford Foundation - got news in August
      that Ford has accepted this proposal.  Follow up call is
scheduled for 9/12
      with Spitfire on next steps and scheduling communications
training with our
      3. RFA Proposal - revised proposal was submitted on time - waiting
      for feedback.
       3. Knight Foundation -
      1. Continued follow up on additional funding.
      2. Completed final report for the 2012 - 2013 Funding
      3. Attended the Knight Foundation Summer Challenge event and
      connected with several of the other Knight Foundation Grantees
      4. Ongoing relationship building and outreach.
   4. “Upcoming Tor Events” on the blog - continued to be updated as I see
   things come over tor-internal. *Everyone please continue to keep me in
   the loop as to where you will be in the world as a representative of Tor.
   5. Continued fielding and responding to media request through execdir -
   all requests are being captured in a tracking database.
   6. Joint Task Force on Virtual Economise - participating on a 3 month
   joint task force sponsored by ICMEC and Thomas Reuters (trip report
   7. 2013 Annual Report - beginning content develop - designer has been
   contacted as well.
   8. Tor Website Project - offered to take the lead, met with a volunteer
   who is also willing to donate some time to helping this project.
   9. CRM Project - importing contacts and cleaning up input fields
   continues.  It has been slower than anticipated but it is getting there and
   my goal is to send a formal report to all of you by end of September.
   10. Tor Store Vendor - As mentioned at the dev meeting I've found a new
   vendor - I'm still not 100% convinced so I've reached out to EFF to find
   out who their vendor is.
   11. Tor Stuff in the World - sent to several people on the team Tor
   shirts, stickers and webcam clings.  This process will become much
less laborious
   when our fulfillment vendor is in place.

Focus (Goals) for September...

   1. EFF Relay Challenge - working with Eva and Colin C. coordinating this
   event for October
   2. Proposals Follow Up:
   1. Knight Foundation Request to “Add” to current proposal
      2. Ford Foundation / Spitfire - Communications Training
      3. Knight Foundation - Winter Dev Meeting
   3. Build a proposal pipeline - meeting schedule with Andrew, Karen,
   Wendy and Melissa tentatively for 9/20.
   4. Planning for Winter Dev Meeting - confirm sponsor / host - and DATES!
   5. Tor Website Project - Kick this off
   6. Tor Store Vendor - get new Tor Store linked to the website with
   update materials - separate email coming.
   7. Tor Brochures - this is been on my to-do list for far too long and
   will be a focus in September - including adding a version for journalists.
      8. Tor "Press Kit": the goals is to pull together a Tor press "kit"
   of information materials (hard copy and online versions) which can be used
   to update existing Tor fans about our work and help new (potential partners)
   9. Journalist Training event in Helsinki - early October - will be
   sending along my presentation deck for feedback and suggestions.
   10. 2013 Annual Report - content and design - project timeline.
   11. CRM: ongoing input and report out to team.
   12. Ongoing response and tracking of press requests thru execdir.
   13. Tor in the News - now that I have added myself to the team I'm
   hoping to help Lunar and contribute more to his efforts.
   14. MOVE - into our new offices!

On a personal note the Fall semester (PhD program - year 2) began in August
- looking forward to sharing new insights from my coursework.

Thanks everyone for your continued support -

*Kelley Misata*
*Outreach and Communications*
*The Tor Project*
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