[tor-reports] Mike's August 2013

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Wed Sep 4 06:02:32 UTC 2013

In August:

1. Suffered a series of computing issues at the end of July/beginning of
August. Still trying to dig my way out and generally get my life and
workflow back into working disorder. Slow going.

2. Wrote two of the technical sections of two funding proposals for RFA
and DRL. This consumed about two weeks of work. I think the end result
was worth it though. If these both go through, TBB should be in pretty
good shape. Otherwise we're doomed, of course. But hey, I'm cautiously

3. Wrote a blog post explaining why I spent two months going down the
Gitian rabbit hole. Still need to write the second one on the technical

4. Continued to push the Lead Automation Engineer hiring process
forward. Trying a new approach where we evaluate the leadership,
planning, and proposal writing ability of the candidates first, and then
evaluate the technical ability of these people afterwords.

5. Spent the last bit of August looking into the huge influx of Tor
clients and discussing what we can do about it.

In September:

1. Start on the rebasing of the TBB patches to FF24-ESR.

2. Hopefully finish the Lead Automation Engineer hiring process and
start some browser position announcements.

3. Write up a blog post on the technical details behind reproducible
builds and Gitian. Maybe even document it in TBB's design doc, too.

4. Hopefully get TBB-3.0 to 'stable'. I've tagged the remaining blocker bugs to
that here:

5. The above is plenty, really, but I'm also going to try to
review+merge/close these tickets:

Mike Perry
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