[tor-reports] August 2013 Status Report

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir at torproject.org
Mon Sep 2 02:59:37 UTC 2013


Here is what I did in August:


- Jake and I resubmitted our Thunderbird patches to Mozilla which fix
  the two remaining leaks in TorBirdy [0]. There has been some
  discussion and I worked on the patches again but I think we will have
  to rewrite them. I plan to continue this is in September and this is
  what constitutes my main task for the month.

  [0] - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/torbirdy#InfoLeaks

- Implemented some new features in TorBirdy and took care of existing
    #8812, #9548, #9569, #9589.
- Started writing the much-needed documentation. This also made me
  realize that I had severely underestimated the difficulty of technical

- Updated the translations and fixed crashes resulting from broken ones.
  I plan to follow Torbutton's approach where it has placeholder strings
  for all languages, but for now, we are just including only those
  languages for which we have complete translations.

- Investigated how we can distribute Tor with TorBirdy.


- Implemented cloud-based file sharing support for GetTor. This means
  that we can distribute GetTor packages through Dropbox and Google
  Drive, of any size! Though the uploading part is ready, the
  integration with GetTor still remains. 
  (Thanks to Nima for his constant help and reminding me to do this.)

For the curious, #8542 is the parent ticket for all that we worked on.


- Built TBB `3.0-alpha-3' using Gitian. Mike's excellent instructions
  made this a walk in the park. #9504.
- Continued mentoring Hareesan on his GSoC project by discussing the
  design with him and making use of whatever mentoring capabilities I

I am going to devote September to working on TorBirdy exclusively and
finish the remaining parts, so that by the end of the month, we have
plugged all leaks and can release the second beta version :)


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