[tor-reports] Arturo's September status report

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Mon Oct 21 09:14:34 UTC 2013

Sorry for the delay but I have been caught up by a bunch of personal
issues that sucked up much more time to unravel than expected.

I will mention the top 4 of them too in this status report:

# Personal

1) I spent 7 hours speaking to my bank (unicredit), because my account
operations were being blocked. After 5 phone calls and infinite IVR
systems I am able to speak to an advanced human. Such human informs me
that I am using the "anonymity system Tor" to access my bank. I tell
them that that is not the case then I think of it for a second and

The VPN I was using to access my bank also hosts one of my Tor
non-exit **relays**. I explain to them the difference and that even if
they had issues in the past they should only block the exists and not
also the relays. The human does not seem to be particularly
cooperative so I agree in the end to connect to my bank directly
(bare-backing the internet, oh how dangeous).

A paraphrase of a famous text comes to mind "Damn kids all they want
to do is share their internet for self determination. Damn kids, they
are all alike".

2) I had a bad winter in Berlin and ended up fleeing the county in
search of the Roman sunlight. The sunlight has now been found and all
is better again, but the Berlin blues can be quite rough.

3) I started going to a doctor to come out of the Berlin blues and
things are now starting to be much better.

4) On the 16th of September 2013 I found my center and another cycle
of my life started.

# OONI related

## ooni-probe

* Tagged some 1.0.0 release candidates for ooniprobe with

* Did a bit of code review of pull requests of

* A lot of bugfixing for issues related to test helper and collector
lookups (this is done via a service called the Bouncer):

* Add a shorthand CLI way of running tests.

You can now do directly:

    ooniprobe blocking/my_test_name --arg1 --arg2

instead of specifying the full path

* Implement retry logic for nettests oonibackend looking up:

## ooni-backend

* Reviewed a variety of pull requests from Aaron and Johannes

* Parametrize DNS

~ Art.

صح لسانك.
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