[tor-reports] Andrew's September 2013

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Mon Oct 7 02:51:54 UTC 2013

Here were the top 5 goals for September 2013:

1. Post the position, interview, and hire a project manager.

	Our current project manager is ramping up and is trying to fill
	the need for now. As half our contracts ended, less work to
	coordinate overall.

2. Kick-off the new project involving hidden services, tor browser, and

	Our project manager took this on and kicked it off as Sponsor

3. Further fuerza app progress.

	A work in progress. World Bank and others are interested in
	furthering this along. 

4. Post the position, interview, and hire a contracts administrator.
Tor has 22 contractors and keeping up with each one is becoming a

	With three major contracts ending, contractors assigned to
	those contracts are ending as well. Still need to hire someone,
	but not as urgent at this point.

5. Continue internal changes to improve Tor's responsiveness and

	Discussions started and consensus building in process.

# Top 5 Goals for October 2013

1. Speak at SECURE.pl, see http://secure.edu.pl/

2. Post the contract admin/bookeeper position.

3. Write up current state of fuerza.is and next steps. Help organize
hackathon for DV and Tech happening in November.

4. Host an open house for our new offices co-located with Transition

5. Figure out new VM infrastructure; config, hardware, hosting, project
plan for implementation and deployment.

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