[tor-reports] Karsten's September

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Wed Oct 2 11:42:39 UTC 2013

Here's what I had planned to do in September:

> - Coordinate more of sponsor F year 3.

Done.  Held a meeting on September 3, announced another one on September
30 which Tom then ran instead.  Tom has also taken over sponsor F year 3
and will prepare year 4 soon.  Whee!

> - Run more Shadow simulations of Steven's utp branch or other branches
> produced by sponsor F deliverables.

Not done.  Tweaked the utp branch with Rob's and Sebastian's help, but
still didn't get it running in Shadow yet.  The next step is to turn on
uTP debug logging and see what's not working as expected.

> - Improve #7359 so that it can be merged into master.

Done.  Improved and changed to needs_review again.

> - Help Damian deploy his consensus-health checker rewrite on yatei, then
> shut down the existing checker.

Done.  Damian's script is now deployed and sending out warnings to
tor-consensus-health@ and to #tor-bots.  Waiting for Damian's
confirmation to shut down the Java checker.

> - Get Sebastian up to speed as co-maintainer of the main metrics services.

Done.  Sebastian and I met for a day to go through all important metrics

Here are a few more things I did in September:

- Started writing a Torperf design document, sent it to tor-dev@, and
included feedback from Lunar, Zack, Sathya, Kevin Butler, and Rob van
der Hoeven: https://people.torproject.org/~karsten/volatile/torperf2.pdf

- Tweaked the Onionoo code internally, in preparation of including
Kostas' GSoC project.

- Started generating 5 years of data for Thomas' visionion project.  An
"exciting" part of this was to watch a single PostgreSQL command run for
over 10 days on an EC2 m1.large instance.

The plan for October is to make progress on these tasks:

- Complete the simulation of Steven's utp branch in Shadow with Rob's
help, and write a full final report probably with Steven's help.

- Simulate whatever Nick, Andrea, and Roger come up with for an improved
scheduler in Shadow and compare it to vanilla tor.

- Retire the old user number estimates on the metrics website as
announced on tor-dev at .

- Help Kostas integrate the results of his GSoC project into Onionoo.

- Help make the Tor Q&A site on Stack Exchange a success.

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