[tor-reports] Mike's October 2013

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Wed Nov 13 08:27:18 UTC 2013

In October, I:

1. Finished rebasing our patches to FF24ESR (with help from Pearl

2. Finished the Gitian technical details post. Finally. 

3. Helped to decide a way forward towards a Tor+OTR IM client/IM bundle. 

4. Finished the lead automation engineer interview process.

5. Reviewed and merged a handful of TBB patches.

In November, I hope to:

1. Write a blog post on issues Website Traffic Fingerprinting attack
papers, hopefully to encourage more defense research.

2. Review and merge more patches by Pearl Crescent and Georg Koppen.

3. Get a FF24ESR-based alpha TBB release out.

4. Start the hiring process for another Firefox hacker.

5. Declare TBB3.0 stable. Though I suppose if this doesn't happen,
TBB3.5 based on FF24-ESR will be right behind it..

Mike Perry
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