[tor-reports] Mike's June 2013

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Jul 4 04:55:11 UTC 2013

In June, I:
1. Put out TBB-3.0alpha1 using Gitian.
2. Recruited additional TBB-alpha package signers (thanks Linus and
Georg!), and worked with them to modify the Firefox and Gitian build
process until we finally got matching builds for 3.0alpha2. This was a
surprisingly large amount of work, even after I got to the point where I
had identical repeat builds working on my own system.

3. Fixed a Windows crash bug for 3.0a2, and included a potential fix for
a MacOS 10.7+ disk leak issue.
4. Discussed Tor Browser and the new build system on Liberation Tech,
tor's mailing lists, and in the first Tor Weekly News issue.

5. Cleaned up and posted the Lead Automation Engineer job posting.

Here's the plan for July:

1. Attend PETS and the Tor Dev Meeting.

2. Write a pair of blog posts on the motivation behind the Gitian-based
build system, and the technical details involved in producing identical

3. Do a Tor Browser bug triage, and try to plan the extent of my
involvement in 0.2.5.x with Nick at the dev meeting.

4. Review+merge patches. A few have piled up.

5. Do another TBB 3.0 alpha release (maybe during the dev meeting, I
guess? Not a whole lot of downtime this month..)

Mike Perry
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