[tor-reports] Kelley's June 2013 Status Report

Kelley Misata kelley at torproject.org
Mon Jul 1 18:45:25 UTC 2013

Here's a glimpse from the world of marketing, communications and outreach
for June:

   1. Completed CRM Setup and Training:  yipee!  now populating and
   customizing fields.
   2. Submitted Proposals:
      1. Knight Foundation Request to “Add” to current proposal -
      Journalist Digital Safety
      2. Ford Foundation Proposal with contented developed in partnership
      with Spitfire
   3. Completed Planning for Summer Dev Meeting - in partnership with
      1. Sent and managed Invites to greater Tor community
      2. Assisted Andrew and Melissa in securing funding for the dev
      meeting from OpenITP
      3. Confirmed Jake our photographer.
   4. Provided Feedback on Short Users Manual
   5. Finished Production of New Tor swag:  New Tor webcam stickers, root
   design tshirts and stickers have been completed - though the vendor I was
   working with on these failed several of my  quality tests and therefore
   will not be our vendor of choice moving forward.
   6. Responded to Press Inquiries: Responded (email and phone interviews)
   to a flood of inquires from the press due to PRISM and other world events.
   These were all handled by Andrew, Karen and myself.  All inquires were
   also catalog in order for contacts to be imported into the CRM.
   7. Attended:
      1. The Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference in San Antonio
      2. The Virtual Economy:  Potential, Perplexities and Promises event
      in DC
   8. Reached out to all contacts made at the above events - follow up
   discussions continue and all will be entered into the CRM.
   9. Managed "Event Blog" - please keep sending me where you all are in
   the world so we can promote it!
   10. Sent Tor swag to those who needed it - e.g. Lunar
   11. Celebrated my birthday :-)

Goals for July:

   1. Dev Meeting:   ramp up promotion of public hack day event and have a
   successful and productive dev meeting with all logistics going off without
   a hitch.
   2. V2 Brochures:  outline drafts for feedback at dev meeting
   3. CRM: continue populating and refining fields and reports.  NOTE: this
   will be a work in progress over the next couple of months, but the exciting
   potentials for helping organize our outreach efforts are apparent.
   4. Proposal Follow-Ups:  Knight Foundation and Ford Foundation - both
   have been submitted now it is about gentle nagging.
   5. New Proposals: work with Karen and Andrew as new proposals come up.
   6. Continue with Annual Report Mailings: this will be completed by end
   of August.
   7. Tor "Press Kit":  was hoping for June but as expected this is a July
   / August goal.
   8. Tor Website:  work to update certain sections of the website (media
   page, who is Tor, volunteers, etc.)  Not a complete overall of our branding
   though would like to think about that in the not to distant future.
   9. Winter Dev Meeting:  Start planning and work to get final commitment
   from Knight to fund it.
   10. Annual Report 2013 - The gathering of content for the 2013 annual
   report is ramping up so by the time the end of the year comes the report
   will be quick to write - if you have "aha" moments or conversations with
   people that we can spotlight in the annual report, please send them over.

   *Kelley Misata*
   *Outreach and Communications*
   *The Tor Project*
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