[tor-reports] Pearl Crescent status report for December 2013

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Tue Dec 31 21:01:51 UTC 2013

Tor-related work that Mark and Kathy did in December:
  * Assisted with TBB 3.5 / ESR24-based browser testing and
    loose ends (including some help with standalone Vidalia).

  * Helped update Torbutton for Firefox ESR 24.  We made
    contributions to various tickets (see ** at the end of
    this report).

  * Started to work on pluggable transport support for
    Tor Launcher, e.g.,
    "Make a "Use Default Bridges" Radio button in the Bridge UI"

  * Worked on various Tor Launcher "polish" issues that were
    reported immediately before and after the TBB 3.5 release
    (see *** at the end of this report).  There is more work to
    be done.

  * Made a little more progress on ticket 4234:
      "Investigate the Firefox update process"
    Our goal is to use a patched version of Firefox's software update
    mechanism to make it a lot easier and less painful for end-users
    to keep TBB up-to-date.  Remaining work to do for phase 1:
       - Finish integration with the TBB 3.x build process.
       - Ensure that the updater works with PT bundles.
       - Create a process to generate MAR files when new releases of
         TBB are generated.
       - Address other deployment details such as where the TBB
         update service will be hosted, update service certificates, etc.
       - Get patches reviewed and committed.

  * Landed a fix for ticket 10201:
      "Firefox ESR 24 sometimes hangs during exit on Mac OS"

Ticket details:
** Torbutton related tickets that we worked on:

   "Replace deprecated getOriginatingURI() method in Torbutton"

    "The nsIPluginTag Interface was changed, Torbutton is broken..."

    "Many changes to private browsing code of Firefox..."

    "Private Browsing Mode data not properly cleared by New Identity"

    "Please do not create strings untranslatable with Transifex"

    "torbutton says Tor is down when accessing remote tor..."

*** Tor Launcher related tickets that we worked on:

    "Adblock Plus extension interferes with Tor Launcher dialog"

    "when i choose 'connect', old window is still there but unusable"

    "TBB 3.0rc1 fails to start Tor Browser on restart"

    "Tor Launcher (TBB 3.5 build 5) hang on quit"

    "TorLauncher UI seems to split bridge fingerprints onto a new line"

    "bad bridge fingerprint causes "DONE" error to be displayed"

    "Allow TBB 3.x to run multiple times in parallel"

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent, LLC

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