[tor-reports] June status report

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Dec 17 00:45:06 UTC 2013

Highlights from June:

I traveled from the North of India back to Germany. While in India, I
was working with some folks who live in exile from their homeland. This
included deployment of Tor Hidden Services and was generally focused on
surveillance self-defense related research in India.

Upon returning to Germany, I participated in the Deutsche Telekom event
"24 hours" which is a yearly event held by invitation only. The main
topic was about surveillance this year as Snowden's summer just started.

Arjen Lenstra invited me to speak about Tor in Laussane, Switzerland. It
was lots of fun - summer time in Switzerland with some of the best
living cryptographers, what could be better?

There was a major internet freedom event in Tunis, Tunisia. This
included a meeting on secure hosting as well as helping to launch the
#404lab, a hacker space in the house of the most recent dictator. I
helped Nawaat launch a GlobaLeaks node and leaking service. This was
mostly explaining Tor and Tor Hidden Services to the folks at Nawaat.
They're awesome and they need a lot of help.

I traveled to Malaga, Spain for the Ciber Voluntarios event in Malaga. I
also spoke extensively with Spanish Tor users as well as with some Tor
users from the middle east.

All the best,

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