[tor-reports] Sherief's November 2013

Sherief Alaa sheriefalaa.w at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 15:20:48 UTC 2013

What I did in November:

Help desk, translations and tor-qa:
-  Resolved 173 help desk tickets.
- Translated all the new Arabic strings across various resources (tails,
httpseverywhere, etc..)
- Tested several bundles for OS X 10.9 and Windows this month for tor-qa
-  Attended Boisterous/Buoyant Otter meetings.

- Released a 3 minute (plus a version 2 for the 6 minutes one) video about
Tor, How it works, what it does and doesn't provide for #5991

What I plan to do in December:
- Help desk tickets, translations and tor-qa.

-Videos for SponsorI:
-- TBB traning video #5989 (This should've been completed in November but I
couldn't due to mid-term exams.)
-- Translate both videos I made for #5991 into Arabic.

-- Decide what website pages should be translated with Kelley.
(Otter/Buoyant: 1.2.1)
-- Identify existing short videos. (Otter/Buoyant: 2.2.1)
-- Determine number of videos and topics (Otter/Buoyant: 2.2.2)

Note: I will make sure to finish all tickets in my contract (SponsorI)
before the end of December. Sorry for being late.

Sherief Alaa
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