[tor-reports] Moritz in July 2013

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Mon Aug 12 15:32:27 UTC 2013

# Torservers

- Litecoin donations now accepted
- Torservers Indiegogo campaign
- contract between Wau Holland Foundation/Torservers and partners
written and checked by lawyers; translation into English coming up
- refined grant application for DDP/Hivos
- tested FDCservers again via reseller ayksolutions. Did not survive the
month and had to be taken down.
- submitted 2 year activity description to German tax authorities

# Events

- Ministry of the Interior round-table about EU privacy law reform
- cbase talk
- CCC SIGINT in Cologne
- Tor Dev Meeting in Munich
- OHM camp in the Netherlands

Moritz Bartl

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