[tor-reports] Andrew's July 2013

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Mon Aug 5 21:13:11 UTC 2013

# Top 5 goals for July 2013

1. Submit a large proposal.

	In progress. Due in August.

2. Continue working with our trademark attorney and make progress on
updated trademark, copyright, software licensing clarifications on our
website. The goal is to make this less confusing and more explicit what
we want to allow and not allow for the good of Tor and the world.

	Progress continues. Website updated with new text and friendly
	letters sent to those clearly violating the trademark causing
	confusion in the marketplace. Relevant SVN commits are

3. Have a successful dev meeting.

	I managed to get really sick and visit the German healthcare
	system so I missed most of the meeting. However, everyone tells
	me it was a success. Thanks to Gunner of Aspiration Tech for
	facilitating. The notes and results are posted here,

4. Rework internal processes relating to contracts, reporting, and
project management to make Tor a more empowered organization which is
less wholly dependent on just me.

	Still in progress. Changing internals takes time.

5. Work with weasel and others on re-thinking and re-engineering our
current infrastructure. We're currently scaling beyond our
capabilities and need to re-engineer the infrastructure to survive the
next few years of growth and success.

	Planning for a new ganeti cluster, using more peer to peer
	technologies for distributing our software, and overall re-arch
	is in progress.

# Top 5 goals for August 2013

1. Submit 2 proposals for improving Tor Browser, Hidden Services,
Pluggable Transports, Help Desk, and OONI.

2. Continue internal changes to improve Tor's responsiveness and

3. Continue re-engineering plans for our infrastructure.

4. Help kick-off two new projects; one to improve hidden services,
torbrowser, and translations, and another to improve torbirdy.

5. Work on improving fuerza.is content and turn the proto-app into a
real way to help victims of tech-stalking and abuse.

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