[tor-reports] Karsten's July

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 2 16:31:19 UTC 2013

Here are the top 5 things I did in July:

- Held two (!) monthly sponsor F IRC meetings in a single month, one on
July 3 for June progress and one on July 31 for July progress.  Planning
to hold another one in about a month from now.

- Cleaned up the Onionoo codebase enough to have execution times with
little variance again.  Hardware is highly I/O bound, and when backups
run for a few hours during the night, it happened that hourly Onionoo
executions overlapped.

- Simulated Steven's utp branch using Shadow, with help by Steven and
Rob.  This is for #9166.  Results are, unfortunately, not very
promising.  Needs more work in August.

- Added two new paramters to Onionoo: "contact" allows to search relays
by contact line, and "fields" limits responses to a subset of fields.

- Attended the Tor dev meeting in Garching near Munich, discussed
important stuff, met a lot of friends, and introduced a few new people
to Tor.

This also means I did everything I wanted to do in July:

> - Make plans for sponsor F year 3 phase 2 deliverables together with
> Roger and developers.  Plans include deliverable interpretations that
> developers consider realistic and that Roger considers sufficient.
> Also, make internal milestones to track progress on deliverables and to
> be able to respond to problems.

Done, either by writing down expected outcomes or agreeing on next steps.

> - Discuss requirements of a project management system together with Tom,
> Nick, and others.


> - Build Steven's utp branch and simulate it in Shadow, possibly with
> help of Nick and/or Rob.


> - Attend the dev meeting in Munich.


> - Continue tweaking Onionoo to reduce load on yatei.


The plan for August is to make progress on these tasks:

- Run more Shadow simulations of Steven's utp branch or other branches
produced by sponsor F deliverables.

- Coordinate more of sponsor F year 3.

- Resume working on the Twisted-based Torperf that I started earlier
this year.

- Improve #7359 so that it can be merged into master.

- Get metrics-lib and Onionoo added to Tor's Jenkins, and maybe even
make Debian packages for them.

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