[tor-reports] What Nick did in July

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Aug 1 21:49:43 UTC 2013

In July, I:

  * Revised the way that Tor builds its main binary and its unit
tests, to allow us to expose things to the unit tests that aren't
exposed during production builds.  This, in turn, let me add a minimal
mocking system for tests, which seems to be proving pretty useful in
getting test coverage up. (I also did a test-coverage autoconf option,
plus some scripts to see how test coverage is doing.)

  * Merged and reviewed sundry branches.  Notably, we have the first
round of Cristian Toader's seccomp2 sandboxing code.  I also merged
and reviewed a bunch of pluggable-transport-related code for 0.2.5.
And more!  (see the changelog)

  * Worked on testing and cleanup for the extorport branch.

  * Tried to make it easier for users to report stack traces by
writing a module to log call stack on failure.  It still needs a
windows implementation; see ticket #9299.

  * Began triage on tickets for 0.2.5 with Andrea. Work in progress.
Should finish soon, I hope.

  * Fixed some lingering Tor 0.2.4 bugs. (see the changelog)

  * Attended PETS and the Tor dev meeting.  I'm esspecially happy with
conversations at PETS I had about research directions, efficiency, and
uses of development resources; and at the dev meeting about the future
of TBB update, the best way to try to organize ourselves, good ideas
for crypto, and good ways to refactor the Tor program.  Thanks to
everyone there, (especially if you took the time to answer my stupid
questions until they became non-stupid)!

My next top priorities will be resolving #5040/#4773; thinking more
about refactoring and testing in 0.2.5; helping with proposals for
0.2.5; and getting #6027 fixed.  (If August ends without some my
writing some serious crypto proposals, I'll be disappointed.)


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