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I ran a tor exit on them and it got shut down on the 4th abuse claim, i have no idea how those 2 exits relays are still going,

I would recommend against them personally, and raised in the spring good-bad isps needs to be updated alot of ones on their are out of date

Best advice is do your own research and talk to the companies and don't sign up for long contracts

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> I was wondering if anyone had experience running a Tor relay on Gandi. According to good-bad-isps, Gandi supports all relays.

> However, I contacted support asking them their policy on Tor and if their policy was the same for all Tor relays. Their response was basically 'You can install any software you want, but its use is subject to French law and our terms of service. If a complaint is received, the Abuse department will take appropriate action and notify you.'.

> This was pretty vague and kind of seemed like they didn't know what Tor was. I responded and tried to explain what Tor was using most of what was in the Common Boilerplate template. I explained that there were things that I could do to reduce potential abuse, like limiting the exit policy, but that there was always still potential for abuse.

> The next response came from the Abuse department and basically said 'Any illegal activity on your IP will result in your server being shutdown.'.

> Based on this, it seems like Gandi is not a good ISP for Tor exits, but likely fine for all other relays.

> What's a little confusing is that according to Tor metrics, Gandi currently has Tor exits. It is only 2, but nevertheless, they exist. France location has 2 exits, but Luxembourg has none.

> I'm not sure if good-bad-isps should be updated, given there's conflicting information, but I figured I'd ask if anyone had personal experience with Gandi.

> Thanks.
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