[tor-relays] OVHcloud does not allow Tor exit relays on VPS/cloud services

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Mon Jan 31 18:56:45 UTC 2022


I was running a pair of Tor exit relays on OVH, and when I sent an 
response, I got this as a reply:

As provided in our Service Specific Terms, Anonymization services, such 
as TOR, are not permitted on OVHcloud's VPS or Public Cloud services. We 
request that you immediately cease utilizing your current subscriptions 
as a TOR exit node. Failure to comply with this request may result in 
the suspension and/or termination of your servers and/or account in 
accordance with our Terms of Service.


It seems OVH does not allow Tor exit relays on "cloud" or "VPS" 
subscriptions anymore. In the past when I used OVH for exits I had no 
issues, so they must have changed their TOS.

I am assuming OVH dedicated servers are fine.

I guess I'm moving the two exit relays to Terrahost. Terrahost is more 
expensive but I already have exits there and they are excellent.

I never had a great experience with OVH.


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