[tor-relays] How to reduce tor CPU load on a single bridge?

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Fri Jan 28 06:14:40 UTC 2022

> With regard to loadbalanced Snowflake sessions, I'm curious to know what connections (i.e., inbound, outbound, directory, control, etc) are being displayed within nyx?

I'm not using nyx. I'm just looking at the bandwidth on the network

> Your Heartbeat logs continue to appear to be in good health. When keys are rotated,

We're trying to avoid rotating keys at all. If the read-only files do not work, we'll instead probably periodically rewrite the state file to push the rotation into the future.

> > I worried a bit about the "0 with IPv6" in a previous comment. Looking at the bridge-stats files, I don't think there's a problem.
> I'm glad to hear you feel the IPv6 reporting appears to be a false-negative. Does this mean there's something wrong with IPv6 Heartbeat reporting?

I don't know if it's wrong, exactly. It's reporting something different than what ExtORPort is providing. The proximate connections to tor are indeed all IPv4.

> Are your existing 8 cpu's only single cores? Is it too difficult to upgrade with your VPS provider?

Sure, there are plenty of ways to increase resources of the bridge, but I feel that's a different topic.

Thanks for your comments.

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