[tor-relays] We need bridges with iat-mode set to 1 and especially 2 as well!

Darvari xhdix at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 12:33:20 UTC 2022

Hey juckiuscaesar,

 > because one person using Tor was sent to jail recently even though he 
did nothing wrong.

 From the point of view of law or sharia, all people are guilty. But 
there is no law to criminalize those who use Tor. Unless there is 
evidence of criminal content in their device.

You should not store anything on your device. If this is not the case or 
the person has not set up a proxy on a server, and the trial only 
mentions the use of Tor, can you give me more information about him? 
Maybe I can help.

best regards,


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