[tor-relays] tor prometheus metrics -> expected label value, got "INVALID"

David Goulet dgoulet at torproject.org
Mon Jan 24 18:34:05 UTC 2022

On 23 Jan (11:36:05), Fran via tor-relays wrote:
> Hej,
> taking another look and comparing it to onion_services exporter there is a
> slight difference in the metrics output.
> prometheus-onion-service-exporter:
> onion_service_up{address="foobar:587",name="mail_v3_587",type="tcp"} 1
> vs output from tor:
> tor_hs_app_write_bytes_total{onion=foobar,port=80} 298891

Ah wow... you are indeed right.

I had problems recently with an exporter I made for something unrelated that
was not exporting labels as quoted strings...

I have opened a ticket:


Thanks for reporting and investigating!! :)


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