[tor-relays] All relays rejected

lists at redpanda.bz lists at redpanda.bz
Sat Jan 22 22:23:28 UTC 2022

Hi @all,

i operate family 
https://yui.cat/family/BD0630FF0D6E61A906A4D69340B5B1F4FC805498/ and all 
of my nodes are getting rejected. I have a valid contact info set in my 
torrc, as MyFamily for all the nodes i operate and all the nodes are 
running on tor but i recieve:
http status 400 ("Fingerprint and/or ed25519 identity is marked rejected 
-- if you think this is a mistake please set a valid email address in 
ContactInfo and send an email to bad-relays at lists.torproject.org 
mentioning your fingerprint(s)?") response from dirserver

I sent an email already to the bad-relays list but maybe anyone of you 
got an idea?

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