[tor-relays] tor prometheus metrics -> expected label value, got "INVALID"

Fran fatal at mailbox.org
Sun Jan 23 00:20:39 UTC 2022


I just found out about the integrated prometheus exporter in tor - yay, 
thanks for that!

I can scrape it with curl:

$ curl http://<ip>:9035/metrics
# HELP tor_hs_rdv_num_total Total number of rendezvous circuit created
# TYPE tor_hs_rdv_num_total counter
tor_hs_rdv_num_total{onion=<onionv3adr>} 4
# HELP tor_hs_app_write_bytes_total Total number of bytes written to the 
# TYPE tor_hs_app_write_bytes_total counter
tor_hs_app_write_bytes_total{onion=<onionv3adr>,port=80} 15211
# HELP tor_hs_intro_num_total Total number of introduction received
# TYPE tor_hs_intro_num_total counter
tor_hs_intro_num_total{onion=<onionv3adr>} 4
# HELP tor_hs_rdv_established_count Total number of established 
rendezvous circuit
# TYPE tor_hs_rdv_established_count gauge
tor_hs_rdv_established_count{onion=<onionv3adr>} 1
# HELP tor_hs_app_read_bytes_total Total number of bytes read from the 
# TYPE tor_hs_app_read_bytes_total counter
tor_hs_app_read_bytes_total{onion=<onionv3adr>,port=80} 319667
# HELP tor_hs_intro_established_count Total number of established 
introduction circuit
# TYPE tor_hs_intro_established_count gauge
tor_hs_intro_established_count{onion=<onionv3adr>} 18

Which looks like proper data for me. Unfortunately prometheus thinks 
otherwise. In the prometheus webGUI under "/targets" it complains:

 > expected label value, got "INVALID"

The Prometheus config part is:

   - job_name: tor_metrics
     metrics_path: /metrics
     - targets:
       - <server1>:9035
       - <server2>:9035

Servers are running Debian 11, Prometheus 2.32.1 and tor

I searched the relays mailinglist and tried to find something in the 
internet, unfortunately not very successfully.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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