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Sun Jan 16 14:04:51 UTC 2022

On Sunday, January 16, 2022 9:34:24 AM CET Richard Menedetter wrote:

> > > I have DirPort 9030 in my config.
> > > It is shown in nyx and the tor process listens there.
> > > But the relay search page says:
> > > Dir Address    none
> > > Why is it not shown and used by TOR?

Yes, this is new see release notes:

Removed features (relay):
Because DirPorts are only used on authorities, relays no longer advertise 
them. Similarly, self-testing for DirPorts has been disabled, since an 
unreachable DirPort is no reason for a relay not to advertise itself. 
(Configuring a DirPort will still work, for now.) Closes ticket 40282.

> One comment, would it not make more sense to give an error when trying to
> set DirPort != 0? When configured the tor process will open that (now
> useless??) port and allow connections to it. If it is unused why not simply
> give an error telling that DirPort is depracted and the config directive
> was ignored?

No, DirPort can still be used to publish an HTML file.
i.e.: DirPortFrontPage /etc/tor/tor-exit-notice.html

╰_╯ Ciao Marco!

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