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Mon Jan 10 08:25:48 UTC 2022


afaik it is discouraged to "recycle" an IP that was already known to be 
a Tor node as a bridge.
Also I don't think it is possible to run a node IPv6 only. That being 
said, if you give have to give up IPv4 for IPv6 depends entirely on your 
ISP; with mine at home I can choose either IPv4 only or DS-Lite, my 
parents recently got Dual-Stack IPv6.

Sebastian Elisa

On 10.01.2022 02:46, Gary C. New via tor-relays wrote:
> Fellow Tor Operators:
> After about 9 months of running Tor as a Middle Relay from my home
> network, I'm beginning to experience signs of my public semi-static
> IPv4 address being blacklisted with 403 Forbidden errors from Reuters
> and Venmo. I've confirmed by successfully accessing both sites with my
> mobile internet connection.
> I'm not surprised that Venmo is blacklisting, but extremely surprised
> I'm being blocked by Reuters. You would think such a organization
> would be a proponent of free speech. I wouldn't be surprised if
> Reuters used Tor in some capacity. It doesn't make sense.
> When Googling my public semi-static IPv4 address, it appears in
> several Tor blacklists. That being said, I'm at the point that, at a
> minimum, I will have to ask my ISP to freshen my public semi-static
> IPv4 address.
> Previously, when speaking with my ISP, they mentioned offering a
> static IPv6 address at no cost. I'm wondering if that offer was with
> the expectation that I would have to give up my existing IPv4
> semi-static address? If they provided both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, at
> no cost, I'd like to run a Tor Bridge using the semi-static IPv4
> address and configure my existing Middle Tor Relay to use the new
> static IPv6 address. That way, I'll be able to browse unimpeded
> through the semi-static IPv4 address and not have to be concerned with
> the static IPv6 address being blacklisted.
> Are other Tor Operators experiencing similar issues? Will I continue
> to experience blacklisting issues, even after migrating to a Tor
> Bridge? What are best practices in moving an existing Tor Relay to a
> new address, while avoiding the loss of flags?
> As always, I appreciate the feedback.
> Respectfully,
> Gary
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