[tor-relays] relayor v22.1.0-rc is released

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Jan 9 17:48:50 UTC 2022


a relayor user asking about relay monitoring best practices
motivated me to add blackbox_exporter scrape config support to
This feature allows tor relay operators to monitor the reachability
of all their relays' OrPort/DirPorts on IPv4 and IPv6.

The next stable relayor release will come with a guide
on how to use all the new prometheus integrations in relayor.


The relayor GitHub repo has now Discussions enabled.

Changes since relayor v22.0.0-rc:

* add support for prometheus blackbox_exporter scrape configuration generation
  * this feature generates a prometheus scrape config for blackbox_exporter
  to monitor the reachability of all your ORPorts/DirPorts on IPv4 and IPv6
  * this feature does not depend on MetricsPort support and can be used
on all tor relays even those that do not support MetricsPort

* prometheus MetricsPort support security improvements:
  * randomize metrics_path
  * randomize HTTP basic auth username

kind regards,


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