[tor-relays] Unexpected classification with my guard relay

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Tue Feb 22 16:13:20 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022 3:45:14 PM CET Security GMVSES wrote:

> AccountingStart day 0:00
> AccountingMax 30 GBytes
> BandwidthRate 301 KBytes
> BandwidthBurst 350 KBytes
Means: Relay hibernate every month.
These settings disqualify your relay as long time stable, fast & familiar.


"Guard" -- A router is a possible Guard if _all_ of the following apply:
- It is Fast, - It is Stable, - Its Weighted Fractional Uptime is at least the 
median for "familiar" active routers, - It is "familiar", - Its bandwidth is 
at least AuthDirGuardBWGuarantee (if set, 2 MB by default), OR its bandwidth 
is among the 25% fastest relays,... >8

╰_╯ Ciao Marco!

Debian GNU/Linux

It's free software and it gives you freedom!
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