[tor-relays] questions about raspberry pi bridges

meskio meskio at torproject.org
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Quoting potlatch via tor-relays (2022-02-22 04:26:27)
> 1.) The tor package I get from the repository is (obsolete). I thought 
> it was because the pi machine had raspian for the os. So, I downloaded and 
> installed 32-bit ubuntu server 20.04.3 instead 
> (https://ubuntu.com/downloads/raspberry-pi). It made no difference. I changed 
> to a new SSD to make sure all was virgin. How do I upgrade to current version 
> of Tor for this bridge?

AFAIK raspbian bullseye has, are you sure you are using the latest 
version of raspbian?

> 2.) Some of my bridges have (and some do not have) /var/lib/tor/stats folders. I am interested in the 'why' of this and also how I can install that capability on all bridge relays. The stat printout is in units of '8' and I'm sure the Russians, Egyptions, etc. do not use bridges in unit neat units. What am I reading in bridge-stats?

The stats folder is being generated automatically, if you don't have it I assume 
your bridge is not being used. It might be because bridgedb does reserve some 
bridges and don't distribute them.

The stats are multiple of 8 for privacy purposes, tor collects the information 
of how many users use each relay but rounds them to 8 to don't leak exact 
information. Those stats can be viewed searching for a relay in:

> 3.) Does Tor project state somewhere in it's docs that it's a terrible idea to give a bridge a nickname such as 'TorCuba'? It should!!

Why do you think is a terrible idea?

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