[tor-relays] snowflake incoming UDP ports

meskio meskio at torproject.org
Sat Feb 19 11:48:46 UTC 2022

Quoting Toralf Förster (2022-02-19 11:15:19)
> I do simply run here
>   ~/devel/go/src/snowflake/proxy/proxy &>>/tmp/snowflake-proxy.log &
> and was wondering if I have to open special UDP inbound ports ?
> but b/c I do have a rather restrict inbound firewall rule set I'm
> wondering about that.

If you have a restricted firewall you might have what snowflake calls 
'restricted NAT', the most useful snowflake proxies are the 'unrestricted NAT' 
ones, as they allow clients in a more restricted NAT situations to connect to 
them. You can check the NAT type you have in the logs.

If you have restricted NAT I would recommend you to open the UDP port range of 

More information about NAT types:

There as a conversation about that in the forum few months ago:

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