[tor-relays] Reduced exit and not IPv4 exit traffic at all

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Fri Feb 18 23:06:07 UTC 2022

> On Wednesday, February 16, 2022 1:45:51 PM CET yl wrote:
>> how can I used a reduced exit policy and don't allow any IPv4 exit traffic?

tor's man page has the information on how to specify any IPv4:

> *4 to denote all IPv4 addresses, and *6 to denote all IPv6 addresses.

> I don't think IPv6 only works. AFAIK, exits must have at least port 80,443 and
> 53 open on IPv4.

You can run a relay that does allow exiting to IPv6 and not IPv4 but it will
not get the exit flag.

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