[tor-relays] Reduced exit and not IPv4 exit traffic at all

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Fri Feb 18 12:40:24 UTC 2022

Afaik this is not possible. To get the exit flag you need both IPv4 and 
IPv6 or only IPv4, but IPv6 only relays are not possible.


On 16.02.2022 13:45, yl wrote:
> Hello all,
> how can I used a reduced exit policy and don't allow any IPv4 exit 
> traffic?
> The following line in the top of all the ExitPolicy lines in torrc
> seems not to work.
> ExitPolicy reject*
> What is the order I needed here, first "reject" and then accept or the
> other way around?
> Reduced Exit policy like here:
> https://gitlab.torproject.org/legacy/trac/-/wikis/doc/ReducedExitPolicy
> Webtropia was a bit unhappy lately when UCEprotect listed the whole
> /24 for some reason I still don't understand.
> But then I thought, why not disable IPv4 exit traffic, there is so
> many IPv6 resources that a IPv6 only Exit should still be fine.
> Thanks
> yl
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