[tor-relays] snowflake vs bridges (vs node)

meskio meskio at torproject.org
Mon Feb 7 10:22:06 UTC 2022

Quoting Fran via tor-relays (2022-02-04 18:34:45)
> I don't know how bridges with obfs4 vs snowflake work in hiding that they 
> provide access to the tor network (where is the difference?).
> I assume that there is a difference, because if not, why bother with 
> another approach. So providing these two different access methods would 
> allow people to connect with any of the two methods. If the IP addresses 
> would be blocked both wouldn't work anymore, but till then more options 
> would be available.
> If IP addresses wouldn't be limited giving both methods individual IP 
> addresses would of course be better. I can do this easily for v6, even 
> out of another /64 but for v4...well...
> But would running bridge and snowflake on the same v4 do any "harm"? For 
> example like bridges are easier to be detected and only running 
> snowflake might result in a longer usability of the node.

Yes, there are many differencies. snowflake does make the traffic look like
webrtc (like a video conference) and obfs4 makes the traffic look like random
noise. Also the clients use different mechanisms to discover the relays.

If you run both in the same IP address and the censor has a way to discover one
but not the other both of them will be blocked at once. So you are making it
easier for the censor to discover them and block them. That is why we don't want
people to run both in the same IP address.

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