[tor-relays] Genereal queations about MyFamily

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Feb 6 16:18:05 UTC 2022

Hi Martin,

Martin Gebhardt:
> 1. can someone explain to me how the fingerprint of a Family is
> created? 

The configuration on a tor relay lists all relay fingerprints
with which the relay is in a MyFamily (and optionally itself),
but there is no "MyFamily fingerprint" - there are just relay fingerprints.

> For example, I have 7 exit relays in a Family, and can't
> remember how that came about. 

You probably have a MyFamily line on each of your relays.

> 1. 2. to simplify the torrc, would it
> not be advantageous to enter in "MyFamily" not all fingerprints, but
> only that of the Family as such? Are there already suggestions for
> this with the developers?

A new MyFamily design is in the works, which will be easier to configure for operators

> Like with AROI
> from nusenu.

To avoid misunderstandings: An AROI is not a MyFamily replacement.

> I have configured a bridge and I know
> that it is also possible to restrict exits. For example via the
> country code. I have also done that successfully, but: 2. 1. I don't
> manage to configure a bridge _and_ a fixed exit.

That is more a tor client configuration question, but you can
show your torrc configuration so people can point out potential issues
(maybe on the tor-talk mailing list - if one can still post to it)

kind regards,


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