[tor-relays] Genereal queations about MyFamily

Martin Gebhardt martin at gebhardt.im
Sun Feb 6 10:49:03 UTC 2022


I am running some servers in the Tor infrastructure for research reasons 
and my own (mainly political) interest. I have a few questions, the 
answer to which would help me a lot at the moment.

1. can someone explain to me how the fingerprint of a Family is created? 
For example, I have 7 exit relays in a Family, and can't remember how 
that came about.
1. 2. to simplify the torrc, would it not be advantageous to enter in 
"MyFamily" not all fingerprints, but only that of the Family as such? 
Are there already suggestions for this with the developers? If not, 
which Git would be the most suitable to place my suggestion?
I know, then everyone could "join" a family, since another node does not 
explicitly also include the one in the config. But there will be a 
solution for that. Like with AROI from nusenu.

I explore various possibilities to deanonymize. My motives are solely 
dedicated to the Tor project. I have configured a bridge and I know that 
it is also possible to restrict exits. For example via the country code. 
I have also done that successfully, but:
2. 1. I don't manage to configure a bridge _and_ a fixed exit.
2. 2. also here I would welcome a feature to specify the fingerprint of 
a family as forced exits instead of single fingerprints or countrycodes. 
Also here the question like in 1.2, where could I place this then best.

All this does not necessarily provide an advantage in anonymization, but 
it makes research much easier. And before someone says that i don't need 
that... there is a lot that i don't need and that doesn't serve the 
purpose of a software, you are not forced to configure it let alone 
recommend it. I'm just talking about possibilities that should 
facilitate the research.

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