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Fri Feb 4 20:42:00 UTC 2022

On Friday, February 4, 2022 3:15:52 PM CET Fran via tor-relays wrote:

> Tor project runs campaigns for running more bridges [1-3] because there
> was/is (?) a shortage and/or countries changed their censorship policy
> (e. g. Russia). So I'd say the statement in the FAQ is a little bit to
> simple. At different times a shortage of one or the other node might
> occur. :)
Yeah, the number of Tor bridges has almost doubled in the last weeks.

> I think the answer might also depend on what kind of servers you are
> able to run.
That mainly depends on your monthly bandwidth. Under 10 TB/month -> run some 
bridges. From 50 TB/month a guard,middle,exit relay is worthwhile.

> If you don't use HiddenServiceSingleHopMode for you onion services, six
> tor nodes are in between the visitor and the server which results in a
> lot of bandwidth usage in the tor network. So some non-exits might also
> be handy in case onion service usage picks up.
Exits are or do everything: guard, middle, exit, HSDir, Intro & rendezvous 
point ;-)

Very good suggestion recently in this list¹:
Set up new relays/IPs as bridges first and then later change them to relays.

¹Mmm, I'm getting old. I think that was toralf or Felix.

╰_╯ Ciao Marco!

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