[tor-relays] Relay MIGHTYWANG consensus issues and loss of STABLE flag

Eddie stunnel at attglobal.net
Fri Oct 29 17:57:23 UTC 2021

Welcome to the club: 

Since Georg opened that (on my behalf) I too have lost the Stable flag.


On 10/29/2021 9:10 AM, Mighty Wang wrote:
> Hello fellow operators
> I have one pretty large relay, MIGHTYWANG which is an IP4/6 guard, 
> dedicated hardware running on a 1Gb line uncontended. It is usually 
> one of the top 5 relays by consensus weight but on the morning of 14th 
> October it lost Guard status on account of losing the stable flag.
> I checked logs, connectivity and server health - nothing unusual, 
> everything is generally pretty bullet proof in and around the relay 
> and it had been running for well over a year without a reboot - just 
> the very occasional Tor daemon restart following upgrades but no such 
> activity prior to the 14th.
> So next I checked the consensus and I see that around half of the 
> directory authorities seem to be not assigning the stable flag. See 
> attached screenshot showing current consensus.
> The peering to each of those relays seems OK from what I can see (IP4 
> and IP6) so any idea what gives?
> I've got a MIGHTYWANG sitting here twiddling it's thumbs because have 
> the directory authorities don't want to use it. Bit of a waste.
> I had similar things happen a few years ago with one of my old relays; 
> again no obvious reason, just seemed to be the a random whim of the 
> directory authorities.
> I've noticed a couple of other long term relays are in a similar 
> position - is this some time of attack, deliberate action or just Tor 
> magic?
> Wang
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