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meskio meskio at torproject.org
Tue Oct 19 08:35:21 UTC 2021

Quoting Suspicious Actions (2021-10-17 12:32:51)
> On 10/17/21 1:59 AM, Josh Lawson via tor-relays wrote:
> > I work for a bank and was informed that when I connect to my employer 
> > network, it shows I am coming from a Tor IP and sets off an alert that then 
> > leads to me being on a call with an investigative team for my employers. I 
> > was running a Tor relay, but had to shut it down because of these alerts. I 
> > am not thinking of running a bridge instead, but I have a question. Are the 
> > bridge IP addresses private enough to not likely trigger an alert by bank 
> > fraud detection software? Please let me know if I am not phrasing this well. 
> > I would like to donate some bandwidth and was thinking maybe running a 
> > bridge would be less likely to set off alerts.
> The bridge IPs should be private enough.

I agree, it should be safe to run a bridge. All the relay IP addresses are 
publicly available, but bridges are not easy to list.

To be fair some entities like China's Great Firewall does manage to get the full 
list of IP addresses of bridges. But I will assume your employer doesn't have 
the resources of the GFW just to figure out employees that run bridges.

Thanks for helping the tor network. Bridges are very useful, remember to 
configure it with obfs4 :)

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