[tor-relays] Overloaded state indicator on relay-search

Arlen Yaroslav arlenyaroslav63 at protonmail.com
Thu Oct 14 13:49:58 UTC 2021

> Did you use a lot of ram or cpu power recently? I got flagged as overloaded when I was compiling something and used a lot of cpu.

Nothing out of the ordinary. The server is a virtual machine which is dedicated to running a Tor relay. I don't use it for anything else.

I've just checked the server descriptor. It seems to be missing the 'overload-general' flag which means it now isn't overloaded? Yet the relay search page says it is?

This is all seems a bit more troublesome than it should be. Presumably the relay itself knows why it is overloaded so can it not just state the reason clearly in the logs?
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