[tor-relays] Overloaded state indicator on relay-search

David Goulet dgoulet at torproject.org
Mon Oct 4 11:36:51 UTC 2021

On 02 Oct (01:29:56), torix via tor-relays wrote:
> My relays (Aramis) marked overloaded don't make any sense either.  Two of
> the ones marked with orange are the two with the lowest traffic I have (2-5
> MiB/s and 4-9 MiB/s - not pushing any limits here); the third one with that
> host has more traffic and is fine.
> So far this indicator seems to be no help to me.

Keep in mind that the overload state might not be only about traffic capacity.
Like this page states, there other factors including CPU and memory pressure.


We are in a continuous process of making it better with feedback from the
relay community. It is a hard problem because so many things can change or
influence things. And different OSes also makes it challenging.

Another thing here to remember, the overload state will be set for 72 hours
even if a SINGLE overload event occurred.

For more details:

(FYI, we are in the process of adding this information in the support page ^).

If you can't find sticking out, that is OK, you can move on and see if it
continues to stick. If so, maybe its worth digging more and when 0.4.7 will be
stable, you'll be able to enable the MetricsPort (man tor) to get into the
rabbit hole a bit deeper.


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