[tor-relays] Help with FreeBSD relays

René Ladan rene0 at freedom.nl
Wed Mar 31 12:21:03 UTC 2021

xplato <xplato at protonmail.com> schreef op 30 maart 2021 04:36:36 CEST:
>I am a bit of a noob here so please bear with me. I ran a relay using Ubuntu with very few issues however I decide to add an additional relay and decided to use FreeBSD. They will only run for around 18 hours and then they shut down. I have adjust the torrc file every way I know how and increased the Max vnodes thinking this may have been my issue. I can post the sysrc and torrc if needed. Anyone that might help me figure this out I would be grateful otherwise I am going to reluctantly move them both back to Ubuntu.
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How many circuits does your relay typically have?

Perhaps memory consumption depends on the amount of circuits, my tiny relay typically has 500 to 3000 circuits and uses 800 to 1000 MB of RAM.

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