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Daniel daniel at danwin1210.me
Wed Mar 31 09:57:18 UTC 2021

Yes, I had a few exits there for some time. They were quite good and all 
abuse was closed with a comment explaining that you run a tor exit node 
and you are not responsible for the traffic. However, after about a 
year, they closed my account from one day to the next and I had to shut 
down all exit nodes due to too much abuse volume. For non-exit relays 
they are quite popular though.
I had some random downtimes and needed to wait several days for support 
to notice that their router is down, because opening a ticket for that 
will only result in several days back and forth with some stupid tests, 
even though you point out the routers affected when opening the ticket.

On 31.03.21 03:13, Андрей Гвоздев wrote:
> Did anyone run relays on Scaleway?
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