[tor-relays] Help with FreeBSD relays

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Wed Mar 31 07:39:58 UTC 2021

xplato <xplato at protonmail.com> wrote on 2021-03-30:

> I am running two relays and the error message is the same for both:
> Mar 30 08:13:01 freebsd kernel: pod 1745 (tor) , jid 0 , uid 256, was killed: out of swap space
> If I run
> # dd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/swap0 bs=1m count=512
> #chmod 0600 /usr/swap0
> #swapon -aL
> Will that fix the error above?

Is /usr/swap0 already referenced in /etc/fstab?

How much RAM and swap space is currently available?
Are both relays running on the same system?

Before adjusting the swap space I'd try experimenting with
MaxMemInQueues. The auto-tuning is based on the system's
memory and may result in a value that is too high if the
system's memory is also needed elsewhere.

If you then still need to increase the swap space you'll
probably have to increase it by more than 512 MB.

On one of my relays where I've set "MaxMemInQueues 300MB"
the tor process currently consumes 870 MB of "real memory"
and the memory usage is still slowly increasing.

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