[tor-relays] Reminder: EOL of my 4 tor relays (2 guards, 2 exits).

Lisa Winter hvchat1 at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 28 12:16:22 UTC 2021

Hello people,

Lisa here (not my real name, neither is this my e-mail address  - it
was not stolen however, the owner allows me to use it -, nor is it
associated with any of my relays that you could possibly find on the
Tor Metrics page).

I used to contribute physical resources to the Tor project for a long
time now (I don't want to get into too many details, so let's say
somewhere between 4 to 7 years) - paying for the co-location of two
high-performance dedicated machines , handling nasty abuse reports,
you name it.. Anyway each dedicated server was running two Tor
instances occccn each single, public IPv4 and IPv6m as this is the

AES hardware acceleration was supported by both physical CPU's, so one
instance averaged up to 250mbit/s under full load :-D

However, I am sick of all the needless communication with my hosting
providers, who are well aware of what I am doing with their equipment,
yet idiotic jewbie support still spams me with abuse reports,
occasionally null-routing entire IP's which was not part of the
conract (I have a custom contract co-locating two, older machines)..

I am also sick of the Tor staff allowing companies like Team Cymru
(short explanation; Team Cymru collects and sells metadata of network
connections but not only metadata, also other "valuable" information
like zero-day exploits to anyone willing to pay the right price, and
much more - they host a bunch of Tor relays and ridges too, which in
my opinion should all get the BadExit / similar flag preventing them
from being used at all.

Tor code development also moves at a snails pace, we still don't have
proper patches for circuit exhaustion attack, comparable to HTTP

I will hereby distance myself from the tor project completely, and not
come back ever.

Please get your shit together @TneTorProject.


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