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manifoil manifoil at protonmail.com
Sat Mar 27 17:50:09 UTC 2021

Hello fellow Tor Relay operators!

Recent activity on this mailing list has given me a headache... Let me explain.

I subscribed to this mailing list to keep up to speed with new technical developments, trouble shooting advice and security advisories. If there is a mailing list that covers this criteria, please let me know because that is where I want to be.

This recent 'noise' about Mr Stallman is, in my opinion, unnecessary and unwarranted on this particular mailing list. It reminds me of a similar episode on this mailing list a while back where someone appeared to have a personal problem with someone who ran a hosting company - I nearly wrote something about that.

My relay has been chugging away at home for many years and bandwidth assigned to the network has steadily increased as my home broadband capability has improved. I am happy that it contributes to Tor and might help people in genuine need - be it politically, racially, sexual orientation wise or as a whistle blower.

Finally, I would like to thank the poster who highlighted the OpenSSL vulnerability - my relay was promptly updated.

To quote someone else and because I like this persons' sigh-off:

With respect,

Rattus Norvegicus

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