[tor-relays] Tor project helping to attempt to cancel Richard Stallman

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Thu Mar 25 20:31:46 UTC 2021

I'll match that as well.
This is no reason to discontinue running a relay if you are a true Tor 
supporter and privacy / anonymity believer.

John Ricketts wrote:
> I'll match that.
>> On Mar 25, 2021, at 14:37, niftybunny <abuse-contact at to-surf-and-protect.net> wrote:
>> I will spin up 2 relays for every relay this guy and other RMS supporters will shut down.
>> nifty
>>> On 25. Mar 2021, at 20:11, Igor Mitrofanov <igor.n.mitrofanov at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I denounce the Tor Project's political activism under the new administration and this attempt to fuel the cancel culture.
>>> I am signing the supporting letter for Richard Stallman and pausing my relays. I realize that this is largely symbolic, but so is running Tor relays in the first place. I am not going to let anyone use my resources in support of censorship.

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