[tor-relays] Failed upgrade

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Tue Mar 23 20:27:27 UTC 2021



So I've upgraded tor package from to No other
Yet on startup tor is complaining about mis-configuration:

Mar 23 20:55:02.928 [notice] Read configuration file
Mar 23 20:55:02.929 [notice] Read configuration file "/etc/tor/torrc".
Mar 23 20:55:02.932 [warn] Configuration port ORPort 9443 superseded by
ORPort <local-ip>:9443
Mar 23 20:55:02.932 [warn] We are listening on an ORPort, but not
advertising any ORPorts. This will keep us from building a router
descriptor, and make us impossible to use.
Mar 23 20:55:02.932 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Misconfigured
server ports
Mar 23 20:55:02.932 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.

ORPort <local-ip>:9443 NoAdvertise
ORPort 9443 NoListen IPv4Only
AddressDisableIPv6 1
OutboundBindAddress <local-ip>

This config is according to spec and worked with 4.4.6.

Seems to be related to thes issues, except for me it's blocking: tor fails
to start.

I had to add as ip to make tor start, although that's not
ORPort <local-ip>:9443 NoAdvertise
ORPort NoListen IPv4Only

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