[tor-relays] Questing regarding Team Cymru Tor Relays and Bridges

Lisa Winter hvchat1 at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 22 21:21:24 UTC 2021

Georg Koppen:

Weird - I got the following reply a few hours after submitting the mail:

>Your message has been rejected, probably because you are not
>subscribed to the mailing list and the list's policy is to prohibit
>non-members from posting to it.

However, I was already a subscribed and confirmed member at this post.

Maybe someone decided to still approve it after someone else had
already declined the message.

Anyway, I hope this is being looked into, a reply regarding The Tor
Projects official stance on Team Cymru would also be great, because
right now, I avoid their relays and bridges like the plague.

I decided to do some own research, and it seems like the Tor Project
has a long-standing relationship with Team Cymru (at least since 2012,
and maybe even earlier):


Still, I'm slightly paranoid when organizations like these start
spinning up many different relays, effectively getting to see a
substantial portion of the network's traffic.

So long,

2021-03-22 17:17 GMT, Georg Koppen <gk at torproject.org>:
> Lisa Winter:
>> Hello list,
>> I just visited BridgeDB and got a bridge from "Team Cymru", according to
>> the whois of the IP - should the Tor Project really allow a company
>> trying to "track and take down threat actors and criminals around the
>> globe" host a substantial portion of the network, according to their
>> info page:
>> https://team-cymru.com/company/
>> The following was also very concerning:
>> "Team Cymru is comprised of former…"
>> - ...
>> - Law enforcement
>> - ISP backbone engineers
>> - ...
>> I suspect that they log connections to their relays and bridges, and
>> maybe even more.
>> Such companies profit from gathering and selling information's,
>> exploits and the likes.
>> bad-relays rejected this message, which is concerning.. I hope someone
> I am not sure which message you are talking about but, for the record,
> that mailing list contains a quite similar mail from you. So, that one
> at least did not get rejected.
> Georg
>> here could redirect it to the right people, or do the Tor Project
>> higher-ups know the people behind Team Cymru and vouch for them?
>> Bye,
>> Lisa Winter
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