[tor-relays] Sunsetting C3WLittleGem and C3WPhantomStreak

MacLemon tor at maclemon.at
Wed Mar 17 13:29:46 UTC 2021


FYI: We sadly have to sunset two of our relays due to persistent network/upling problems with the vSphere cluster of our hosting provider. It wasn't possible to solve these issues in about a year.
To reduce our volunteers' time investment for no gain, we'll turn of C3WLittleGem and C3WPhantomStreak in the next few days.

If you want to have a last look at them, here's a link to our family.

We'll continue running C3WEyeOfSauron and hope being able to add more relays again in the future.

Best regards
MacLemon (on behalf of Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W))
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