[tor-relays] I was banned from PayPal

William Kane ttallink at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 11 13:01:10 UTC 2021


That is the most ridiculous bullshit I've heard this entire year, why
does PayPal even care what you host on your servers, especially when
you are just re-routing traffic? I'm wondering if this is even legal,
sure they have the right to refuse service to anyone, but banning
someone paying for something that COULD be abused in the future as a
precautionary move?

Sounds like a personal agenda against you or something like that, I've
never heard of this happening before and reading the ToS, nothing like
that can be found anywhere.


I'd find a new host that accepts cryptocurrencies, I'm currently using
Wedos.cz and have been for 8 years, no trouble running tor guards /
middles / bridges, they sometimes do ban for exits though, depends on
how fast you handle abuses. Their AS also only hosts around 10 nodes
so far, so if you can live with the partially translated site and
support, it's a good option.

(I am no WEDOS.cz official or representative, and the text above is
just meant to guide people in a direction, the host is also listed in
the GoodBadISPs doc.)

- William

2021-03-10 23:42 GMT, potlatch <potlatch at protonmail.com>:
> Today I received a message from PayPal that paying for Tor relay server
> leases was a direct violation of my usage agreement. I have been paying
> off-shore VPS hosts for my Tor server leases with PayPal for at least ten
> years. Very interesting that they act now.
> They specifically state the ban was for:
> Providing file sharing services or access to newsgroups; or selling
> alcoholic beverages, non-cigarette tobacco products, e-cigarettes or
> prescription drugs/devices.
> They further state that the ban is permanent and not reversible.
> I liked using PayPal because it was a safe way to pay and didn't expose my
> credit card information. Before PayPal I used a prepaid card which I will
> probably go back too.
> --Potlatch
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